One more question.  We did a reticulocyte count on Wolfie because we had to 
draw blood for a CBC and we were able to do the test with the same sample.  I 
hoped it would give me some useful information.  The results came back and my 
vet felt they really weren't very informative or helpful.  She called for 
clarification and to explain Wolfie's history of leukemia, higher HCT's, etc. 
and to ask if the anemia is non-regenerative or not.  They said that the amount 
of reticulocytes was appropriate for a cat with a HCT of 27 but that they can't 
tell if it's regenerative or not because the HCT has to be below 20 to 
determine that.  We knew it was recommended to wait til then to do it but both 
felt we didn't want to be waiting that long or drawing more blood at that 
stage.  I'm confused.  If it was non-regenerative, he wouldn't be making 
reticulocytes, right?  Anybody ever do a retic count before the HCT drops below 



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