Bonnie, vomiting a clear liquid is often a sign of excess stomach acid.  2.5 mg 
of Original Strength Pepcid AC EOD seems to help most kitties.

By the way I disagree with your vet.  Any upset should be investigated and 

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> Paola
> Thanks for that information.  But I think I've finally
> solved the mystery of the Pee Spot!  Lucky frequently
> spits up.  He'll be fine for days, then have a bout of
> spitting up almost clear liquid, 3 or 4 times a day.  I
> mentioned to the vet he spits up and the vet seemed
> unconcerned, saying cats are very susceptible to gastric
> upset.  I now think the spots on the bed were not pee,
> but spit up.  I'm not sure if this is a serious issue;
> I'll mention it to the vet again.  But having him spit
> up rather than pee is a little easier for me
> psychologically, at least!
> ~Bonnie


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