Thanks for that information. But I think I've finally solved the mystery of the Pee Spot! Lucky frequently spits up. He'll be fine for days, then have a bout of spitting up almost clear liquid, 3 or 4 times a day. I mentioned to the vet he spits up and the vet seemed unconcerned, saying cats are very susceptible to gastric upset. I now think the spots on the bed were not pee, but spit up. I'm not sure if this is a serious issue; I'll mention it to the vet again. But having him spit up rather than pee is a little easier for me psychologically, at least!
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Also pee doesn't smell much when a cat has kidney failure - just FYI as there'd be other symptoms (drinking a lot for example) and also it's at an advanced stage that the pee doesn't smell anymore, because the kidneys can't clean the
body of toxins so it doesn't smell.

I don't think this is the case, but just so it's out there (I had a kitty that
lived with kidney failure for quite a while) also it wouldn't make the cat
incontinent or explain why he's peeing where he sleeps.

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If it isn't drool and it is pee, and doesn't smell, that could imply urinary
tract problems.


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The bed was wet again this morning, near where he was laying last night. I put my hand on it and it didn't smell. That's what throws me. The black light
trick is a good one -- I'll see what I can come up with!
I asked my mom is Lucky drools and slobbers -- she's in a convalescent hospital following two severe strokes and communicating is hard -- but she dearly loves her Lucky. She said, "Yes, he slobbers a lot." So, maybe that is the answer!
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Some cats are real droolers - it may have nothing to do with teeth - I used to have one cat that made my arm and lap totally wet with drool....if the
drool isn't clear, then it could be a sign of something else.
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