Kim, it's a horrifying experience to go through.  You are right, Laura, so many 
of us do have the same story and it just happened here - a mild URI, a sudden 
difficulty in breathing, emergency vet visit, then gone a few hrs later, but 
unlike your kitty, by himself with his brother as a witness.    At 4 months, 
this was NOT normal.  

Kim, you were fighting something you couldn't see.  But try to look at this in 
different way - you loved her and you gave her your best because you loved her. 
I'm not sure sub-q'ing fluids when a kitten is struggling to breathe is the 
safest thing to do anyway, so maybe it was just time for her to pass.  So Kim, 
she is lucky she left while you were holding her, no matter what position.  You 
didn't kill her, whatever was ailing her killed her -  you were trying to help 


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Oh, Kim, I have been through this so many times and so many times I've said "I 
killed my cat/tortoise/lizard/snake/whatever." You did not kill her. You did 
best you could at the time with the information you had, and I am so sorry that 
you feel this way. It's normal to blame oneself but hindsight is 20/20; a 
cliche, I know, but so true.
On St Patrick's Day my FeLV+ cat, Bridget, died at the vet. She was there to be 
spayed but never made it to the table - they put her under and she died. 
Horrible. But what was even more horrible was that I had a premonition that she 
would die during surgery, for weeks. A voice literally screamed in my head. 
DON'T DO IT, SHE WILL DIE. And yet I did it, and got that awful phone call from 
the vet. That night I posted on this forum - "it's my fault, I killed her." I 
was so grateful for the assurances from other members that no, I didn't kill 
her.....I tried my best and something happened. I am sure that many other folks 
will have a similar story. 

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