Dear Kim,

So glad that you have the other three to help ease your hurt.  Thank you for 
sharing images of the joy you two experienced.  Paws on the face is one of the 
most 'human" things they do, and is such a personal expression from them to us. 
 In response, who hasn't munched down on those spongy little pads and play 
gobbled them up and not been bothered a bit by the sudden chalkiness of a 
tidbit of litter! ;D  To hear you focusing on those kinds of special moments 
means your heart is already mending, even though, yes, it will be very slow, 
especially in lost relationships.  Each day the brokenness grows less, and God 
helps us to see through the clearer eyes of grace rather than the blurriness of 
sorrow.  A little more emphasis on every precious moment you had with her comes 
more naturally than a painful thought or regret, and suddenly somehow you can 
talk about it without growing a pumpkin in your throat. :)  That's God healing 
his child who honored him by loving and caring for his creation.

God bless,

Mike :)
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