I am so sorry to read about your FeLV cat, Bridget's death.  I agree with
everyone else; it wasn't your fault that she died.  
I think I'm going to keep telling myself what people around you told you.  I
tried my best, and something happened. I cried all day up until about an
hour ago.  It wasn't going to bring her back and it wasn't helping me or the
other kittens I need to take care of.  It is so hard to walk into the kitten
room and see the other three kittens looking around for their sister.  I had
to keep them separated because the other three played too rough with her but
I'd take her in their several times a day and allow supervised play time.  
I let them see her body and they smelled her and curled up with her for a
while. I wonder if they understand. My husband is going to burry her

"...Saving just one pet won't change the world....but surely the world will
change for that one pet..."
The top ten reasons to spay and neuter your dog or cat were killed in a
shelter today.

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Oh, Kim, I have been through this so many times and so many times I've said
"I killed my cat/tortoise/lizard/snake/whatever." You did not kill her. You
did the best you could at the time with the information you had, and I am so
sorry that you feel this way. It's normal to blame oneself but hindsight is
20/20; a cliche, I know, but so true.
On St Patrick's Day my FeLV+ cat, Bridget, died at the vet. She was there to
be spayed but never made it to the table - they put her under and she died.
Horrible. But what was even more horrible was that I had a premonition that
she would die during surgery, for weeks. A voice literally screamed in my
head. DON'T DO IT, SHE WILL DIE. And yet I did it, and got that awful phone
call from the vet. That night I posted on this forum - "it's my fault, I
killed her." I was so grateful for the assurances from other members that
no, I didn't kill her.....I tried my best and something happened. I am sure
that many other folks will have a similar story. 

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