I have friends who split doses of various tick/flea stuff regularly. They say they get a more precise dose given the range on the pre- measured packages. I don't know. I can't get either on the ferals and they really need something. My cats are basically indoor (carriage rides and unauthorized walk-abouts) and the dog is as indoor as a dog can be and still have fun.
On May 31, 2011, at 8:32 PM, Maureen Olvey wrote:

Thanks Sally. That is very helpful info. I didn't know you could split up Advantage. Awesome, I'll give it a shot too.

If I didn't have a lot of cats I wouldn't do the splitting up thing. I would feel safer just buying the pre-measured doses, I always did it that way when I had just two dogs, but now I've got so many cats, it's my foster cats and my own cats that were actually fosters at one time that never got adopted, that I'd go broke just on flea stuff if not for being able to split the stuff up. A lady at the vet's office did the breakdown for me so I felt better about it since she'd been doing it for a while.

Are ticks mostly around trees and stuff? I don't have trees but a few shrubs and I haven't had tick problems (knock on wood). Not at home anyway. Where I feed some ferals is in a wooded area and I always seem to bring a couple home with me every few weeks. Ticks that is. Brought home several dumped tame cats and kittens from there too!

Thanks again for your comments.

Maureen and her clowder of more than 10 cats.

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Chickens will eat ticks, but if a big farm it probably is not practical. I
am not making any real recommendations,just commenting. I am in the
horticulture field where chemicals are used for insect and disease control, it is always best to rotate products so you do not develop resistance to the chemical being used. An example would be using Frontline one month and next month use Advantage. You would not even have to be every month maybe use one for two months etc. Just a note about splitting it up They products are the same ingredients and are in the same concentration in both the dog and cat versions. Dosing in is done according to weight in dogs and cats. I am not a vet and I am not recommending anyone do this if they are not certain. Also cats are more sensitive to chemicals and some pesticides for use on dogs
cannot be used on cats. Be safe not sorry. :-)

Now I am not going to say Sevin is safe for use on pets but in the "old days" it is what the vet recommended for fleas and yes we used it on the
cats. Also I did not use gloves or anything like that because it was
considered very safe. You had to be careful not to get on flowering plants as it was deadly for bees. Fleas became resistant to it. We used 5% dust not
the 10%.

For plants I do not do much spraying because people we spray too much. The ticks have been bad the past two years. I really considered some chickens myself, but I worry about predators killing them. As for Pet Armor Plus, it sounds like the patent on Frontline has run out and that means we can get generics. I plan to buy it next time I need it but I do have Frontline I bought last year for the cats. I split it up with a syringe. I have 10 cats and get the big dog size, I have also have done that with Advantage and

My Two cents.

Sally and her 10 kitties
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