The Revolution that I have is 15mg for puppies or kittens 5 lbs or less. It works quick and is effective. However, one of my cats loses his fur at the site of application so I have discontinued it. It did work well enough that he nor the house has fleas.

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I noticed a couple people have mentioned using Revolution intended for dogs
on their cats. I thought this was extremely dangerous. I remember watching
an episode of Emergency Vets or one of those shows on Animal Planet where a
cat died because someone used a flea product intended for dogs on it. So
*please* be very, very careful when doing this and speak to your vet first
about adjusting the dosage.

Cindy & Angel Jackpot

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It's so funny that this conversation has come up because I was just
discussing it with my feline asthma group.

Beth, I'm in GA also and having major major flea problems.  I have a cat
fence up so all my cats go in the backyard.  That is making things ten times
worse.  I've been using Revolution for several years now with no problems.
Like you, I work in a rescue and have a lot of cats so I buy the dog size
and split it up between the cats.  I don't know if the Revolution isn't
working this year or if it's just an especially bad year for fleas.  If you
say Advantage isn't working then maybe it's just an especially bad year.
Some people in the other group were talking about how sometimes switching
products can help because either the fleas have built up a tolerance to the
current flea meds or maybe the cat's system is processing the flea stuff
differently because they've had it on them for so long.  Who knows.  If
you've been using Advantage maybe you should try Revolution or Frontline
Plus.  I believe Frontline Plus kills fleas and larvae so it kills and
breaks the life cycle so that might be a good one too.  I hate using all
these chemicals on my cats but there's no way around it for me because I've
got so many plus a few ferals that live here that I can't touch.

I've never sprayed my yard but since this year is so bad I've got to do
something.  I'm trying to go natural first because like everyone else is
saying all these chemicals for yards say "don't get on skin, don't get in
eyes, don't inhale, etc. etc. and keep pets and children off until it dries"
and that really scares me.  If my cats didn't go out I'd spray the yard with
every poison I could find because I hate the fleas so bad.  But since they
do, for now I'm trying the beneficial nematodes and I just bought the food
grade diatomaceous earth.  I've been using Flea Stoppers in the house which
is a borax type of product.  Well, I just sprayed the nematodes last week so
I can't tell if they're working yet because they just eat larvae so they
don't kill adult fleas so it'll take a while to make a difference.  But if
anyone wants to try them I got them at Pike's nursery for $39.95.  I think
you can order them online also.  I don't remember if the nematodes do
anything for ticks.

The diatomaceous earth I got from a local feed store.  It's the food grade
and a lot cheaper than ordering online, so if any of you are thinking of
trying it check your feed stores first.  I got a 50 lb bag for $39.95 and
this stuff will last forever.  I can't believe how little it takes.  I
didn't need a bag that big but that's all she had.  I'm using it outside to
try to hopefully kill the adult fleas and putting a little in my cat's
coats.  It's very very very dusty so you definitely need a mask on when
messing wtih it.  I am hesistant about using it in the house because it is
so so dusty.  That's why I went with the borax inside in the carpets.  I did
put the diatomaceous earth on the cat trees and their bedding though.  The
DE is the consistency of flour.  Feels just like it and is dusty just like
it.  I put some on some of my cats and when they shake you can see a dust
cloud around them.  So for now I'm glad I didn't put it everywhere in the
house.  I think the Flea Stoppers with the borox has helped but I'm also
vacuuming every couple of days which makes a big difference.  I've put the
diatomaceous earth on several of my cat's then checked them when they come
in from outside.  They are still coming in with fleas but I don't think it
is as many.  The DE doesn't kill the fleas right away either.  It just cuts
them and the fleas dehydrate and die so I'm thinking it will take a week or
more before it really starts cutting down the flea population.  If anyone
puts it on their cat I'll just warn you that it does make the coat dry
feeling.  Still better than fleas if you ask me.  Of course the cats are
going to clean themselves and injest the DE so it's very important to get
the food grade stuff.  They use it in other forms, like in swimming pools,
and it's very toxic.

I haven't put the DE in my cats' food yet but a woman in my feline asthma
group swears by it and she uses it and puts it in her cats' food and has for
years and says they always test negative for worms.  She puts it in her
coffee and says she can see differences since she started using it.

Well, just thought I'd share the things I'm trying.  I'm still putting
Revolution on the cats because I've got a lot of it but if I don't start
seeing a difference soon I'll probably switch to either Frontline Plus or
Advantage.  Nothing has made a big difference so far, except the borax and
the vaccuming, but I think that's because there are so many fleas outside
that every time the cats go out they pick up 100 more fleas and it takes
time for all those fleas to bite the cats and die.  I don't know.  I would
think the flea products would kill the fleas that get on them pretty quick
but honestly it's not.  I'm hoping once I get the yard under control that
will bring the flea population down tremendously.  Well, I'm off now to go
finish spreading more DE in the yard.  I'll let you guys know if it makes a

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