Many dog products are extremely dangerous for cats, but at least the
last time that I ordered, Revolution used the same formula for both
dogs and cats.  I have used the large dog tube many times on my cats.
Like Lynda, I have a couple of cats that lose their fur at the
application site, so I usually don't give it to them.  The Revolution
website claims that hair loss is due to the cat over grooming the
area, which is baloney, IMHO, as I place it in a pretty difficult to
reach spot on the neck, and I have never seen them or any other cat
licking those spots.  It looks more like a crusted over burn to me.

Beth N.

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 11:47 PM, Lynda Wilson <> wrote:
> The Revolution that I have is 15mg for puppies or kittens 5 lbs or less. It
> works quick and is effective. However, one of my cats loses his fur at the
> site of application so I have discontinued it. It did work well enough that
> he nor the house has fleas.
> Lynda
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> I noticed a couple people have mentioned using Revolution intended for dogs
> on their cats. I thought this was extremely dangerous. I remember watching
> an episode of Emergency Vets or one of those shows on Animal Planet where a
> cat died because someone used a flea product intended for dogs on it. So
> *please* be very, very careful when doing this and speak to your vet first
> about adjusting the dosage.
> Cindy & Angel Jackpot

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