Fletch was born with microphalmia,,one of his eyes was completely covered by
a membrane and the other one he had limited sight. From what I have read
some of these cats will go completely blind. And I can tell from the way he
is acting that he has gone blind. He Is afraid at every little move. I'm
hoping he eventually gets used to it. He knows this house so well, that he
knows where everything is.
The reason that he is on amoxi is that when I took him to the vet he had a
temp of 105. They said he has some sort of infection that we need to get
under control. He said that it isnt the virus that is making fletch feel
sick but the infection he has. So he told me to keep him on it for three
weeks. Yesterday when I saw the other vet (at the same office) she told me
he could stay on it if he needed to.. So that's where I'm at....open for
suggestions.  Oh, today I got my liquid b complex and started him on that.

thanks guys

oh I turned 59 in July(-:

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 4:01 PM, Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:

> On 08-24, Marcia Baronda wrote:
> >    Fletch  is exceptionally grouchy today. He swatted at one of the other
> >    cats  today  and  continually  growls  at  me(-;  I asked my vet about
> >    retesting  him  and  she  said  it's  not necessary since he's already
> >    cliically  ill. I know after reading everything all of you have posted
> >    that  you  don't  agree.  that is why I am here, for outside help from
> >    people  that  have  years  of  experience  with  this. I will have him
> >    retested  of  course. Do you think his grouchiness is from not feeling
> >    well,  or  could  he have some neurological issues? I know that he has
> >    totally  lost his sight and I'm sure that is really scary to him, poor
> >    little  guy.He's  om  amoxicillin  and they said he could stay on that
> >    indefinitely.   Do  you  agree?  She  also  said  we  could  try  some
> >    prednisone. What are you opinions??
> I think being blind would be terribly frightening for him until
> he adjusted to it.  Also being in pain and sick would make him
> irritable.  Can he be in a quiet room by himself for awhile?
> Lorrie
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