Has Fletch had a blood transfusion yet? I've heard this helps tremendously. Did your vet tell you she will order the LCTI? Did she do any lab work to find out what his blood cell counts are?

He may have not cried all the way there because he is too weak. I'm so sorry he is such bad shape!!

In my opinion, just go with your heart. I know you don't want the poor little guy to suffer.

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Hi everyone
I hope everyone and all kitties are happy and doing well. I'm really afraid that I am going to lose Fletch. I took him back to the vet yesterday for sub q fluids. He had a temp of over 105. Bonier than what he was last week. She gave him a long lasting penicillin shot. She did mention that most people don't mess with it, they euthanize. He didn't cry all the way there (25 miles) which is highly unusual. I gave her the info on LCTI and she was on the computer looking it up when I left. I asked just HOW sick is fletch and she said VERY. When I got him home he was extremely off balance and couldn't navigate. He wasn't like that the day before. His quality of life sucks! It's hard for me to tell if this is permanent or just a passing bacterial infection. Opinions from the experts? (all of you)(-:

Thanks so much

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Is each vial an individual dose or are there multiple doses per vial?
I am afraid this is way too expensive for my unemployment check but
want the info if I have to try to find a way to obtain it.


On 8/31/11, HIDEYO YAMAMOTO <> wrote:

Hi, I just ordered 10 vials for $420 plus shipping through a distributor in
Texas, let me know if someone needs more infor.

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Definitely try to get some LTCI. We put dexter on it for the last few weeks of his life and I feel that if we had started sooner, he might have lived a bit longer. LTCI is only available from the manufacturer: - if your vet will order it, they will overnight the medication to the vet. I was paying roughly $60 per dose at 1 dose every three days. It is possible to be more aggressive with the treatment and administer it daily. The other
up-side to this medication is that it is administered via sub-cutaneous
injection - immunoregulin, on the the other hand, is via IV injection. The IV injection will stress the kitty out about 1000 times more than a sub-q injection. Immunoregulin also made Dexter spike a fever after each dose - something he didn't need and quickly wore him out. Tcyte can also slow the inevitable appearance of dreaded lymphatic cancer. Many benefits with this
stuff.  Please call the tcyte folks tomorrow - they are very helpful and
will give you all the info you need.

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Hi everyone
I really need some help.
fletch is really not feeling well. His fever is back and he hides in the
basement. Two times now he has missed doses of his antibiotic because i
cannot find him anywhere. It seems like I can feel more of his backbone and his hipbones even though he continues to eat, but not as well. I don't know what to think. I feel so bad for him, he seems miserable.He acts like the base of his ear hurts when I touch him but the vet said he had never seen
such clean ears. I think I need a different antibiotic, this amoxi isn't
working, or doees it take longer to work? There seemed to be a teensy bit of improvement, but now I feel like he looks as bad as the day I took him to the vet. What about this LTCI. Is this something I should discuss with my vet? Is it better than immunoregulin. I just feel like my poor little cat is
wasting away here fast and there's something else I can be doing for him
What do I do????
Natalie, are you and all of your babies OK?

Thanks so much

On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 3:42 PM, HIDEYO YAMAMOTO <>

Where do you guys get LTCI?
the distributor that my vet uses now only carry 3 vials set - they used to have 10 vials as it is much chepaer that way- could you tell me where is the
best place to get LTCI?


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