I know many people who do TNR and have dedicated volunteers taking care of
them, even trapping for vet visits. Personally, I don't like some of the
ways that TNR cats are provided or NOT provided for.  Some groups spay cats
and release them almost immediately, even in freezing weather (when it is a
known fact that healing is seriously hindered) , and such consequences as
infections, and even disembowelment due to ruptures.

Yes, one should expect cats at such a ranch to be provided with medical

I can't even imagine how many people are required to seriously care for 700



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<<consider how many times TNR's put domestic cats back on the street if
there were feeders? (I'm not one of them, but consider that, before
condemning the guy.)>>


You mean the policy of returning cats to a feral colony if the colony has a
feeder?..how that fits into this situation? TNR is for ferals not housecats.

Though in some cases_such as mine I trap cats on the loose, ferals or not.
If feral they go to a feral colony, if not I try to find owner, education
goes so far, most people will want to keep the cat in/out but at least the
cat is neutered now and won't be making more. If possible I take in the cat,
list as found and if it is not claimed I put him up for adoption_taking in
all tame cats is just not possible but I do try to bring in the declaweds
and kittens._ I don't just abandon the cat out there, I make sure it has
shelter and a feeder.

I know very well this is considered cruel by a sector of the pop and that's
ok, we all have a right to our opinion. 


But I don't understand how this fits with Caboodle, you mean because he had
all these cats roaming the property and they weren't taken care of? If so I
would say that since he said Caboodle was a sanctuary that implies the cats
are to be taken care of, if sick taken to a vet etc._Very different from a
feral colony where the intentions are the same but  nobody wants a colony of
sick cats and yet there are ferals that will die rather than walk in a trap;
I know I had one of these. We tried for half a year to trap him and in his
last months it was evident that he would have had to be euthanized. We just
could not, and one day we found him dead. It happens often and makes
caretakers feel awful.


A sanctuary OTOH is expected to treat each and every cat. A sanctuary is not
just a place to leave a pet, walk away and forget all about it. That is why
a person is expected to fund the cat care. Granted some of the cats could
have been dumped at the place and no money to support them. But it wasn't
the majority, and if CG couldn't afford them did he ask rescues to take
them? I don't know that, I can't side with either story but just wanted to
comment on that remark abt TNR and how it fit with the CR situation, I think
it doesn't.


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