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> $150.00 for life long care of a cat is not enough.  The place I
>  have chosen for my babies requests $400.00 per year per catX the
>  number of years you expect the cat to live.  This seams to be more
>  in line consdering what I put out each year on my cats. 

This is what alerted me to the problems ahead for Caboodle. When
searching for a sanctuary for my cats a couple of years ago, I
checked with them and when they said only $150. per cat I questioned
them about this not being enough, and they got very defensive.  Some
sanctuaries like Tabby's Place in NJ, charge $15,000, which is very
high but more realistic, as vet bills over the years can easily cost
that much. I think there must be some good sanctuaries somewhere in
between these prices.


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