I never use those " horse" needles for cats; I prefer the 20x1", and often
use 18x1" as well - it may take a little bit longer, but goes in a lot
easier, especially for kittens.  Some cats have tough skin, and others have
super soft skin and the needle just glides right in. Getting the needles
from the vet gets a bit expensive and they're not as sharp as the ones that
I get here (no prescription needed) - a box of 100 is $6.45 

The company is 


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For you guys that give sub-q fluids - 
What size needle do you use?  A friend showed me how to do it yesterday but
she has these huge 18 gauge needles.  I'm wondering if I can use a smaller
size.  It's for my 6 month old kitten so I hate stabbing her with that huge

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