I wouldn't use one that small except on a very small kitten and then I usually 
take the fluid into a syringe and give it to them.  One trick I learned from a 
vet tech and forgot to mention before.  When the fluid is starting to build up 
to a lump under the cats skin the pressure they feel can make them a bit 
squirmy, so you just squeeze the lump between your fingers (parallel to the 
needle) and it will disperse the fluid and relieve the pressure.  Also, I 
always but the bag into hot tap water to heat the fluid and then run fluid from 
the rig until it runs warm, wastes some fluid but, I get it cheap enough.  Some 
may put it in microwave (be sure no needle attached) and that would save the 
fluid it takes to heat the tubing as you don't put the rig in the hot water.  I 
haven't tried to nuke mine, might take a bit of practice to get it right and 
I'd guess the fluid in the tubing would be pretty hot and need to be run out 
first.  I always test on the inside of my wrist (like with a babies bottle) 
before I give fluid to a kitty.


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What about the 23 gauge?  That's even smaller, correct?  Does it work okay or 
does it take forever to get the fluids in because the needle is so small?

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