Please do NOT involve animal control.  Shelters everywhere are FULL and
these cats will be euthanized.  Are any of them socialized (tame) or are
they feral?  Ferals are not adoptable. I've been feeding and TNR a colony of
feral cats for 10 years now.  They count on you for food. Where are you
located. Perhaps some of the people in this group can pitch in and help
while you recover.

On 08-27, dot winkler wrote:
>    Hi.  I threw this out there a few weeks ago but don't i know if it went
>    thru - I didn't see any replies.
>    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with outdoor (stray)
>    cat feeding.  I have been feeding 7 for a year and a half now.
>    I am going to have arm surgery and will not be able to drive for 6
>    weeks and will have a very difficult postop recovery.  I have no-one
>    else to feed the cats.  I am thinking of calling some shelters and
>    maybe simultaneously the newspaper to expose their plight.  Perhaps
>    some can be adopted, if a facility would take them in and if they got
>    the proper exposure from the newspaper.  I also could try to help in
>    the adoption process.  ALSO, my other question is, how long have people
>    been feeding their outdoor cats?  I am thinking this cannot go on
>    forever.  Where do I find people to help me out with it, if I can't
>    find adoptions?  Any input on this, would be great.  Thanks
>      __________________________________________________________________

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