Hi everyone:
I just joined up, this is my first post. To be brief, I volunteer at our
local animal shelter, and just adopted a FeLeuk+ girl. I have worked
with them at the shelter, but never had one in my home, so I joined up
to get some tips and help, when I need it. She is about 2 years of age,
named Raja, very pretty, and also very sweet, and a happy girl. The
shelter had sent in an IFA test on her, to see where she stands, and we
are waiting for the results of that. I have just switched to an integrative
vet, and plan to take Raja to her after we get the results.
I also have 8 other cats and 1 rat, all of which came from the shelter 
(fallout from volunteering), and I am usually fostering for them as well,
usually cats, but I’ve also had rabbits, ferrets, a hedgehog, a hamster,
and rats. Now I have a mama and her 6 babies, which were born here.
Of course Raja has her own room, with the rat in his cage to keep her
Before joining I had never heard of mixing them with non leuk cats-I find
this interesting. Not sure I would have the guts to do it, though.
I was wondering-are there files on the home site that I can look through
before I start asking questions that have probably been asked here a
million times?
Thanks so much for any future help.
Chris C.
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