Lee, I agree with you on the negative feelings.  Same with people.  Worrying 
and fretting never did any good.

---- Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> You could drive yourself crazy worrying about all of that. I had two cats 
> living in a group of 12 for over 13 years. When they were very old, they 
> developed renal failure. I took them for sub-q therapy as I do all my renal 
> compromised cats until I see that the situation has progressed beyond a good 
> quality of life. However, Tigger and Twerp developed some other symptoms that 
> were very odd. Twerp had been tested twice for FeLv, Tigger once in the past. 
> The vet suggested another test. Both were positive and active in the virus. 
> Both passed away several days after the test. The other 10 cats who had lived 
> with them, groomed and been groomed by them, shared food, litter boxes and 
> sleeping nests never tested positive. All are gone now, most living to age 14 
> and over, all from renal failure except one who had an ear tumor that 
> progressed rapidly. He had to be euthanized because it was inoperable. I 
> really feel that worrying and giving off negative feelings to
>  the cats is going to do more harm than the exposure to the virus. You have 
> to let go sometimes and leave it to the Universe to decide.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>>I also wonder why this indoor cat suddenly became FelV positive<<
>            I've been wrestling with this. My + boy has been here since Jan of 
>2012, and tested negative before I integrated him into one of my cat groups. 
>After a very stressful bout with FLUTD and catherization, he just never 
>recovered. Bloodwork eventually showed a very low WBC count, and a subsequent 
>SNAP was positive for FeLV, neg for FIV. So, now I've exposed all those cats 
>who live with him. I've been trying to figure it out, and here's one excerpt 
>that helped my begin to understand.  I've also included the link to the whole 
>article, but here is the relevant paragraph.
>        " It’s the apparent incidence of regressive FeLV infection that will 
>continue to challenge all of us…ie, what are the clinical consequences of 
>latency in a SNAP negative, healthy cat. Based on information available today, 
>the odds favor the cat…there is a good chance the cat will remain healthy, may 
>eventually clear the proviral DNA, and they are NOT shedding FeLV as long as 
>the virus remains as proviral DNA (latent). Some, however, don’t do as well…a 
>small number of regressive infections will re-activate…this is the adult 
>cat…with a history of having been healthy and FeLV negative for some time 
>(years even). And despite the fact they may have never encountered another cat 
>throughout life…they appear to develop disease spontaneously and may become 
>progressive (IFA or SNAP positive, sick cat)…or…they may develop complications 
>of their infection, including solid tumors (FeLV is an oncogenic 
>retrovirus)…and may become IFA
>  or SNAP negative!"
>Here's a link to the complete article;
>         It's really discouraged me. Makes me think it's probable that all  my 
>"new" cats (those acquired since my move here in 2006) were once infected, and 
>possibly latent. They've all come from this neighborhood. Right now I have one 
>that has to become a housecat, but has been an outside cat all his 4 years. 
>He's tested negative, and I've arranged for him to get the rFeLV vaccine, but 
>is there any point? I just don't know.
>         I'm very interewsted in what others think. This is all new to me. In 
>30+ years of rescue, I've never had a cat test positive for FeLV.
>Still trying  to get my head around this.
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