Hi Marlene

I methodically tried both the Immunoregulin and the LTCI. We gave weekly 
injections and performed weekly bloodwork, which showed no appreciable change 
in the haematology or other blood parameters. However, others on this chatline 
have had good results with those treatments. I suggest that if you are going to 
try either of these treatments, you perform weekly bloodwork as we did, and if 
there is no change, move on.

Alternatively, what I did find very effective, was using Winstrol (stanazolol) 
along with prednisolone and Doxycycline. Again, performing weekly bloodwork 
showed an immediate uptick in the red cell count and haematocrit, and it rose 
steadily thereafter from a level of 5 (critically low) to normal levels between 
25 and 35 after about 10 months of treatment. The other blood parameters also 
improved (platelets going from critically low numbers to within reference 
range) and white cells also returning to reference range levels.

I had good luck using a combination of Doxycycline (1/2 100 mg twice a day) 
plus Winstrol (1 mg x2 day) plus prednisone/prednisolone (1/2  5 mg tablet x2 a 
day). Even on this protocol, I recommend close weekly or bi-weekly monitoring 
so you can see if you start getting a rise in the red cell indices, etc. Don’t 
let your vet talk you out of one or another of these medications. You can’t 
substitute another antibiotic for the Doxycycline, for example. Doxycycline has 
anti-RNA properties (which allows it to interfere with the replication of 
viruses when other antibiotics don’t do this.) 


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Hi, I have a cat Felv +, after initial symptoms he was fine for more than one 
year. He has now developed anemia and we do not get by lowering the massive 
dose of prednisolone without instantly getting anemia back.
Anyone has experience with Immunoregolin or LTCI? (Lymphocyte t-cell 
immunomodulator) Thanks a lot, Marlène (an Italian desperate cat mother)

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