Marlene, Please try the Winstrol. It works amazingly well for FelV
cats with anemia. I have not heard the same about Immunoregolin or
any other drugs used for FelV. Some of us in the Felv group have
found Winstrol online.

Lorrie and 42 rescued cats  - 12 cats at home, and 30 in my private
cageless sanctuary.


On 10-28, marlene melpignano wrote:

> Thanks Kat and Amani for support and suggestions. Unfortunately I
> currently live in Brussels where they have ZERO experience on felv
> cats. As medicaments, in Europe we only have interferon, that I
> cannot use at the same time of prednisone, but without it the
> anemia prevails... in Belgium they proposed me cyclosporine, which
> is not used at all in Italy. My Italian vet read about LTCI and
> thinks we should give it a try, but it's very complicated to get it
> in Europe, and a German veterinary specialised in virology told me
> there are no scientific proofs that immunomodulator are effective
> in Felv. And I cannot find anything recent about them in academics
> articles..
> Sorry for bothering, but Europe is hundreds years behind you ... 
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