Marlene - I should also have added to my last email, that you shouldn’t be 
surprised if you get an unusual response from your vet, to the suggestion of 
using Winstrol. Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, and has unfortunately been 
implicated in a number of athletic "doping" scandals and so it can sometimes be 
difficult to obtain. You said you are in Italy, and I actually think it may not 
be as difficult to access Winstrol in Europe as it is in North America, but I 
don’t know that for sure. It is possible that your vet will need to get the 
Winstrol from a compounding pharmacy.

However, the medication is not very expensive and I have had very good success 
with it with my FeLV cat who was in severe crisis and close to death. I have 
also found it very helpful in a wide array of other conditions since is it a 
muscle builder, bone builder and improves appetite and strength. (You can see 
why athletes often use it to become stronger and faster and heal faster as 


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Hi, I have a cat Felv +, after initial symptoms he was fine for more than one 
year. He has now developed anemia and we do not get by lowering the massive 
dose of prednisolone without instantly getting anemia back.
Anyone has experience with Immunoregolin or LTCI? (Lymphocyte t-cell 
immunomodulator) Thanks a lot, Marlène (an Italian desperate cat mother)

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