Hi Marlene,
I used Interferon with and without Prednisolone on my beloved Tigger
------nothing happened to improve his bloodwork. ONLY - when I finally found
a way to get Winstrol and used it according to the way Amani had used it --
with Prednisolone and Doxycyclene -- did it begin to help Tigger's
bloodwork. So much so, that the lab re-ran the first bloodtest after using
Winstrol because they thought there was a mistake, there was that much
improvement! And by the time I was able to get the Winstrol from a
compounding pharmacy in Arizona-USA, one called Diamond Back Drugs, his
blood was flatlining. At that point I don't even know how he could have been
alive with such low numbers. If you decide to go the route of Winstrol, you
might be able to find it online by googling Diamond Back Drugs. We in the
FeLV group have begun calling this treatment "Zander's Protocol" because
Zander was Amani's beloved kitty who was helped by this treatment. At the
moment, my four fur-babies are all healthy, but if I ever have another one
with FeLV, I would treat him with Winstrol.

My best to you and your kitty,

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Thanks Kat and Amani for support and suggestions.
Unfortunately I currently live in Brussels where they have ZERO experience
on felv cats. As medicaments, in Europe we only have interferon, that I
cannot use at the same time of prednisone, but without it the anemia
prevails... in Belgium they proposed me cyclosporine, which is not used at
all in Italy.
My Italian vet read about LTCI and thinks we should give it a try, but it's
very complicated to get it in Europe, and a German veterinary specialised in
virology told me there are no scientific proofs that immunomodulator are
effective in Felv.
And I cannot find anything recent about them in academics articles.. 

Sorry for bothering, but Europe is hundreds years behind you ... 

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