Totally irate. It was just so clear that they weren't prepared to look at 
Winstrol in a new light - even with me holding a stack of serial weekly lab 
results in my hand. 


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Amani - you must have been irate when they said well maybe it wasn't FeLV in 
the first place -- after they repeatedly told you to put Zander 

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Hi Ken

I couldn’t agree with you more, but I fear that the scientific/medical evidence 
is thin because of the really stupid study done a decade ago, which gave three 
cats massive doses of Winstrol (same levels as given to sled dogs) and reported 
the resulting elevation of liver enzymes. And then, of course, there is the 
unhelpful connection to the athletic doping scandals. Studies looking into the 
effects of Winstrol are therefore few and far between (though I have found a 
few). Moreover, a physician friend of mine explained to me that once a drug is 
off-patent (as Winstrol is) then the drug companies can make very little money 
from it, and so they will not spend money to set up clinical trials, and will 
instead push other related drugs that are still covered by a patent, so they 
make more money on the sale of those other drugs.

The problem is that, as far as I can determine to date, though there are lots 
of anabolic steroids, Winstrol is the only one that seems to have this effect 
on bone marrow to cause it to grow, create new cells, regenerate, etc, which in 
turn causes the production of red cells, white cells and platelets from the 
activated bone marrow. In addition, Winstrol is considered to have very mild 
side effects in comparison to other anabolic steroids. Winstrol is also found 
to be very quickly effective. Most of those athletes who will speak about 
steroid use, confirm that Winstrol is one of the most effective and safest of 
the drugs (and remember that athletes who are using steroids use them at 
hundreds if not thousands of times the recommended doses, and they "stack" them 
will all sorts of other steroids).

I also found, with my own vets, that even with solid proof in front of their 
own eyes (with cats condemned to death, showing an amazing recovery), they will 
often look for other explanations other than that it was the Winstrol. As I 
mentioned with my little Zander, after being told by every vet I spoke with 
that there was nothing I could do and Zander was going to die (and best to put 
him down immediately), and being able to show serial blood results weekly which 
showed a clear improvement from critical haematology values to normal results, 
at the end of it all, I start hearing things like, "well maybe it was never 
FeLV in the first place".

I agree that the way to start turning this around, for all of us who have had 
good results or who may have a cat in the unenviable situation of having little 
or no other options, is to speak with our vets about Winstrol. As I have 
mentioned in previous posts, I have now used Winstrol, usually in combination 
with at least the prednisone (with the doxycycline being added on in 
circumstances involving something likely infectious), for a range of cat 
problems and have had excellent results every time but once. One case was a 16 
year old cat with a nasal sarcoma (kept the sarcoma from causing severe facial 
swelling, and kept my cat eating for another two years); one case was a cat who 
came from a feral colony which I later found out had had FIV rampaging through 
it and killing all the cats (and she came to me EXTREMELY ill with a sky-high 
fever, tympanic abdomen and fluid around her lungs - she survived when I 
thought there was no hope at all, and she's still with me now); I have used it 
to avoid knee surgery for Zander when he pulled his cruciate ligament; and am I 
currently using it now to treat a spinal lesion in Pippin - a three-year old 
who gets flair-ups of neurological problems which I tracked to a spinal lesion, 
and when the lesion causes swelling, etc., the symptoms reappear. The 
combination of prednisone and Winstrol appears to be the only thing that 
reverses the effects of the lesion. 

I think the Winstrol is seriously underutilized and cats respond very well to 
it, in a number of circumstances. Obviously, it is not a cure-all, and we've 
heard from other folks who've tried it and gotten no appreciable results, so I 
am not suggesting it is a panacea by any means. Further, I understand that FeLV 
is now thought to be caused by at least four or five different types or strains 
of virus, and I believe that this is the reason that some people get amazing 
results and some people see nothing.

Hopefully, Marlene will get a good response, and it is very heartening to hear 
that in Italy, the drug is commonly used to treat FeLV cats. It was commonly 
used in North America as well, in the '80's and '90's, until the stupid doping 
scandals (especially Ben Johnson's Olympic gold medal being stripped) shone an 
ugly spotlight on it.



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Good Morningh all--
I've been following the posts to Marlene and others regarding 
Winstrol/Stargate. I began following when my feral-turned-wonderful-domestic 
Tuxedo, Zorro, became ill with FeLV. We tried the Prednisolone route and he 
perked up for a week or so but then just slept more and more as his red count 
bottomed out. I laid next to him as he died and shared that with all of you at 
that time. What I'm writing about now is what we must do for future cats that 
may contract FeLV. I have printed the pertinent information that began with 
Amani and then others regarding Winstrol and Stargate minus any links and email 
addresses. I am taking this info to my Vet and telling her to start her 
research immediately. I will also tell her she could be the first Vet in our 
area to truly treat our kitties with a drug that works. If we all present the 
information we've been sharing we will begin a ground-swell of interest and 

---- marlene melpignano <> wrote: 
> Dear all,
> Good news: Winstrol is legal in Italy for animals and is called stargate. I 
> found a pharmacist who can send it to me in Belgium or I will go to Rome 
> myself on Saturday, he also said it is highly used in Italy for felv cats.
> What is better, pills or injections? 
> I thought of pills to cause less stress, but I read it may be more toxic for 
> the liver compared to the injectable one .
> I am also bringing the cat to a French specialised clinic this afternoon just 
> to  get a better opinion than the Belgian one.
> Thanks all for your support.
> Best
> M&M
> Inviato da iPhone
> > Il giorno 02 nov 2017, alle ore 05:28, Ardy Robertson 
> > <> ha scritto:
> > 
> > Marlene - My Tigger had an active leukemia when I began Winstrol, based on 
> > his bloodwork..... and he also was not eating. I gave him an appetite 
> > stimulant called Mirtazapine, only a half of a 7.5 mg tablet, every 3rd 
> > day, and that boosted his appetite. I also fed him the canned cat food that 
> > they sell for after surgeries - it is very calorie dense but I don't 
> > remember the name of it. Sometimes I had to clip a towel around him and 
> > syringe feed him a little. I did not want to do that because he didn't like 
> > having me do that, but I made up my mind that if was going to make it, he 
> > had to have some food in him. I believe Amani knows the name of another 
> > good appetite stimulant. When he would not drink any water, I gave him clam 
> > juice (we called it his kitty cocktail)- he loved it. It is just shameful 
> > that Winstrol is not legal for this use - they hold a grudge against it 
> > because of the misuse of it by a few athletes. So our kitties have to 
> > suffer without the one thing that can help them. It is also important to 
> > combine it with the Prednisolone and the Doxycyclene because the Doxy has 
> > some property whereby it prevents the virus from replicating. Best of luck 
> > with his treatment!!
> > 
> > Ardy
> > 
> > ---- marlene melpignano <> wrote: 
> >> Dear All,
> >> Unfortunately last FNA of my cat showed that he has either a lymphoma or a 
> >> leukemia (in Belgium they are so bad that they cannot even have a 
> >> conclusive result). 
> >> My vet in Italy thinks I have to bring him to a university clinic to have 
> >> a bone marrow exam, in order to decide whether a chemotherapy is worth 
> >> while.
> >> 
> >> Have you had any experience with lymphoma or leukemia in Felv cats? Have 
> >> you treated them or would be desperate and painful for the cat?
> >> 
> >> About Winstrol, the two vets were not against it, but it is illegal in 
> >> Europe and they would give me something similar in case I decide not to go 
> >> for chemotherapy. However, they would like to know whether your cats had 
> >> already a lymphoma or leukemia when you used it or were just Felv + and 
> >> also whether they had infections going on; otherwise they doubt about 
> >> using doxycycline.
> >> 
> >> Sorry for all the questions, but I am afraid there is not much to be done, 
> >> and if I want to make it a last try I have to be fast. As of today he is 
> >> not eating ... 
> >> 
> >> Thanks for your help 
> >> Marlène  
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