Seriously - try the Winstrol. I had very good results with it, and several 
others on our chatline have had good results as well. If it is complicated to 
get the LTCI, then it may well be easier to get the Winstrol. By the way, I am 
in Canada, and we had to ship the LTCI from the U.S.

Also, I don't think vets ANYWHERE are experienced with FeLV since they all just 
recommend putting the cat down. The experiences of others on our chatline, 
shows that to be the case, and we have heard from people in South Africa and 
South America as well as all over the U.S., and parts of Canada. Many of us 
have had to fight with our vets to get them to obtain Winstrol or to try any 
treatment at all for the FeLV. You are not alone in that regard.


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Thanks Kat and Amani for support and suggestions.
Unfortunately I currently live in Brussels where they have ZERO experience on 
felv cats. As medicaments, in Europe we only have interferon, that I cannot use 
at the same time of prednisone, but without it the anemia prevails... in 
Belgium they proposed me cyclosporine, which is not used at all in Italy.
My Italian vet read about LTCI and thinks we should give it a try, but it's 
very complicated to get it in Europe, and a German veterinary specialised in 
virology told me there are no scientific proofs that immunomodulator are 
effective in Felv.
And I cannot find anything recent about them in academics articles.. 

Sorry for bothering, but Europe is hundreds years behind you ... 

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