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> Well. All those uniceersities you recommended to me are almost comlpetely
> dealing with sociology sciences(history, humanity...) or how we say to it.
> Isn't there a univerity out there which is dealing with natural
> science(maths, phisics, biology...)  which has a part of animation, flash,
> a
> bit of art so that it is not fully in the sociology part.
> Hope you understand what i am looking for.

If I understand what you're looking for, you want more of a
science/engineering school, which also has a strong animation dept. That's
going to be harder to find. Your best bet would be larger universities which
will have both a strong Art and Science school, and plenty of
cross-hybridization between the two. You could look at the University of
California system as one option. To some extent it sounds like you want to
go somewhere like MIT, which has invented its own unique culture where
Science and Art meet, but that aint exactly easy to get into ;)

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