I'm in the same boat here (been working with Flash since v4 came out, but have been coding for 25 years). Most of the stuff that has been iterated in this thread somewhat echo my opinions. I particularly agree with the one statement down below: AS3 is easier to use. The stigma is that AS2 coders have to learn a new way if you want to start coding with AS3. IMHO, it's a more proper way and more functional and far less confusing to the next person who has to look at an FLA and maintain it.

The article seemed a bit whiny as a refusal to change. There's nothing in those changes that are more difficult to implement than their predecessors.

If anything, I half agree with the unloading issue. All objects when discarded should be garbage collectable, timeline or not. To the garbage collector, it is just dereferenced object and not discarding it is definitely a bug more than anything else. However, I don't agree for a simple unload movie... that could break OOP logic structures if one were to simply unload without dereference. Again, we're talking a more structured language and despite its simplicity, there is a responsibility on the part of the person writing code. I don't apologize for being rather unforgiving towards this.

AS2 was an excuse for allowing a lot of bad habits, and now AS3 has addressed those bad habits. Adobe shouldn't have to go back to appeasing those bad habits as much as they should be showing more how to implement things the AS3 way.


Romuald Quantin wrote:
Well, I've coded years with AS2 and I have to say, except for the problem
with loaded SWF, which will probably be solved soon:
I'm not missing AS2 at all!! I'm not from another language but AS3 is a lot
cleaner, nothing to compare. So yes, I guess it is easier to use.

Probably because I'm not using a lot the flash IDE, but I can understand
that for people who are using it or to make quick dirty test, some old AS
features can be missed.


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