Thanks Henrik,
Well for this, there are two buttons on stage.
When you hover over one it makes a message appear, if the other another message appears. So if I dont use those, your saying that when I roll out, the listener is removed automatically?

I dont want my project to make peoples computer fans start freaking out because of unremoved listeners. lol


On Oct 24, 2012, at 3:11 PM, Henrik Andersson wrote:

Karl DeSaulniers skriver:
Thank you Cor!
The buttons are MCs placed on the stage. At first they were Buttons, but
when they wouldn't change even the states within the Button, so I
converted them to MCs.
Also, what does the

, false, 0, true);

do? Does it have to do with removing the listener?
uhg im not going to sleep well tonight.

It doesn't do anything in practice. It only matters if the listened to
object is alive when the source of the listener isn't. Which almost
never happens unless you are listening to the stage.

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