David Luff writes:
> Norman's libopenal32.a contains these functions, my libopenal.a doesn't,
> and these errors are hence fixed with Normans .a.  However, Norman's
> libopenal32.a doesn't contain any alut* functions, which my libopenal.a
> does, so hence these errors are replaced with the _alut* errors.
> Norman, if you could tell us roughly how you created your libopenal32.a
> perhaps I could try creating one in the same manner but including the alut
> functions?

I have rebuilt the opeal dll and replaced the one on my site

This should export the required alut* funcs and it includes
the Makefile I used

Note you will need to use my headers instead of the ones
in CVS if you want to recompile this easiest to do by

% cd %OPEN_AL
% tar -xzvf openal.tgz
% cd win
% make

should just work 
< the .a and .dll files will be left in the 'win' directory though >

My guess is we may need to add the Router / files to the
DLL to take advantage of Vendor specific libraries but this
will have to wait unless someone else wants to play 


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