On 4/28/04 at 10:09 AM Jon S Berndt wrote:

>This was all done under CygWin?  Can someone summarize the process?

Yes, under Cygwin.  Here goes...

Download Norman's prebuilt Cygwin openal from:
and place it somewhere, in this example in your home directory (~/).

cd to /usr/local and extract the archive from there:
tar xvfz ~/openal.tgz 
(the above assuming openal.tgz was in your home dir).

Check out the latest SimGear and FlightGear - there have been recent
matching changes.

Build SimGear - if a test program fails to build in the sound dir then just
remove it from the Makefile.am (ONLY if it's one of the test programs!!!).

cd to the top level FlightGear dir.
Modify FlightGear's src/Main/Makefile.am as follows:

-lopenal32 -lwinmm -ldsound -ldxguid -lole32

Hopefully this step should be removed in the near future when the configure
script gets sorted for Cygwin.

Build FlightGear, and report success or failure.

Good luck!

Cheers - Dave

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