Josh Babcock wrote:


Yeah, you should be a politician.
You're trying to change the whole thing by neglecting the historical perspective, stating 'we' while you're actually trying to say 'you guys' for trying to solve your problems.

First try searching for an aircraft that has a boost function for it's engine *and* that has speebrakes.

Second, there is no way you could fit all functions which are available to aircraft uniformly in the keyboard layout. Now we're talking about moving aircraft objects like speedbrake and flaps, but how about controlling cockpit switches. Do you want them to be uniform across all aircraft also?

Third, you will never ever find a layout that is acceptable for everybody. Try reading this for a start:$=main/op-ed/ed315.htm

Fourth, we've already defined the CTRL key's for special aircraft functions which is not a bad solution because most functions are (or should be) uniform across all aircraft and we still have a solid number of free keystrokes for spare.

Forget about the fact that I responded in the first place.


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