Giles Robertson wrote:
I see it a real pilot has to let go of something to twiddle a dial

anyway, > we shouldn't complain if we have to as well. A real pilot can keep one hand on the yoke and twiddle a dial with another. He or she may also have a copilot. I use mouse control as I'm without a joystick, and having either to pause the sim to drop the gear, or to lose control at end of final, doesn't sound like a recipe for happy landings. Not that my landings are happy anyway ;)

Giles Robertson


Right, which is why we should divide these functions into stuff that you do while actively piloting, and stuff that you do while in straight and level flight. I'm not saying that you should have to open a menu to pop your spoilers or lower your gear, but on the other hand, how often do you switch on your strobes or change an autopilot setting or select which engines the next '{' is going to affect when you can't spare a second or two of motionless yoke? OK, maybe an autopilot disconnect button, but most of that other stuff gets set in straight and level flight or on the ground. And IMO (note no H) PCs should have two mice, but that's another story.


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