Josh Babcock said:


> This leaves several keys totally unused, I would suggest reserving defyuDEFYU 
> and their CTRL modifiers for aircraft and putting a note as such in
> so people don't create conflicts in their local configs and also so that 
> airplane builders will know what keys shouldn't step on their user's custom 
> keyboard layouts.
> Lastly, while we're at it, get rid of any key bindings define in the code and 
> put the mappings in keyboard.xml. I'm not sure if there are issues with doing 
> that though.  That will help with custom layouts a lot.
> Comments?
> Josh

As a former advocate for this idea, I'd like to relate some reservations on
the idea reserving aircraft specific keys.  One question that comes to mind is
how many things do we actually need an aircraft specific binding for?  There
could be a problem with duplicating functions, mapped to different keys for
different aircraft.  Just because something isn't universal to all aircraft
doesn't mean we shouldn't just bind it with the rest.  Most everything is not
really unique.

Certainly it'd be helpful to some day have a dialog for changing bindings
similar to most any simulator or game.

An effort well spent would be in coming up with a way to update bindings and
save them in a user file, rather than forcing end users to hand edit an xml
config file to modify bindings.  If bindings were named with sensible names
and then listed in a dialog with a scrollable window similar to the property
browser, then the task would be fairly straight forward.

But having a list of named bindings that changes depending on selected
aircraft would needlessly complicate any effort such as this, especially for
an end user.  For this reason, and the consideration of true necessity, I
think we should just put everything in the keyboard.xml until we use up all
the bindings.  At some point we'll just have to choose bindings or look for a
more efficient way of handling something.  (For some reason I keep thinking of
emacs :-))

<with resignation>
If there really is strong incentive to have aircraft specific bindings then
I'd make the list very small.  Start with the minimum that anyone needs (e.g.
one key with and without shift and ctrl).  If someone needs more than add
another one.  That's it.  Put dummy bindings in keyboard.xml to reserve the
key and document that it is aircraft specific.
</with resignation>
I am no longer in agreement that reserving a block of them is a good idea.



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