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> For a particalar model it would be possible to just modify the existing 
> textures to give it a new livery.
> If you want to create an entirely new livery without disturbing the 
> original, you could make a copy of the <aircraft>-set.xml file.  Then 
> make a copy of the .ac file and update the new -set.xml file to point to
> the new .ac file.
> .ac files can be hand edited with a text editor and it's pretty easy to 
> find texture names and change them.  So you could copy all the textures,
> give them new names and then update the .ac file to point to the new 
> names.  Then you can modify the copies of the original textures to the 
> new livery.

This makes perfect sense, and I think Innis Cunningham made the same
point as well; but I think I did a crappy job of describing what I was
getting at.  Definitely you could change liveries by just replacing the
texture, or by having more than one .ac file which differ only in the
texture names, with different .xml files pointing to the different
.ac's, and then different -set.xml files pointing to those.  But in
such cases, the paint job replacement is universal; all Cessnas or
Piper Cubs or 747s in a scene at the same time will have this same
different paint job.  I was trying to imagine how one might have
multiple instances of the same aircraft, but with different paint jobs,
in a scene at the same time (e.g. taxiing towards take-off in your
Cessna behind another Cessna that looks different from yours).


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