Chris Metzler wrote:
On Sat, 3 Jul 2004 01:19:27 +0100
Lee Elliott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

As I understand it, the 3d model and texture handling in FG is done via
plib, which treats the texture map path incorporated in the .ac model
file as a relative path.

Relative to what? To the directory containing the .ac file that uses the texture? To the directory containing the .xml file that has the <Model> tags? Relative to something else?

Because if I understand it (and I may not), that's the heart of Erik's
approach (and I'm hoping he'll jump in here if I've got it wrong).
You have different subdirectories for each livery.  Each one has the
textures for that livery in it, as well as the xml file that specifies
the 3D model, but NOT the 3D model itself (which is, say, in the parent
directory).  The .xml file gets read; the <Model><path> tags provide a
relative pathname from where the .xml is located upstairs to the .ac
file; the .ac file calls textures which are loaded from the directory
the thread is currently in -- namely, the one with the .xml file.

I just tried this out. It doesn't work. :-(
Plib expects the textures to be in the same directory as the geometry file which (at this moment) means you will always have to duplicate the .ac file.

I think we need to push a patch to the plib developers list that optionally lets one specify the texture directory when loading a geometry file, but still default to the geometries own directory.

I expect that approach might stand a chance of getting accepted.

Does this make sense? Am I understanding you, Erik?

That is what I was hoping should work, but it doesn't.


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