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Josh Babcock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Moving just a few inches any direction or changing the view angle makes
> these things change wildly, or even go away. In fact, in the right spot
> they will flicker on and off. They only seem to appear when I am over an
> airport. There is also a poly in the dc3 model that does this no matter
> where I am.  It always shows up from inside the cockpit as a bright
> orange vertical stripe on the left side of the windscreen. It looks
> texture mapped. I have to position the view angle just right to see it.

Hmm.  I see various problems at various airports, including these two,
such as tears along seams in the terrain -- like there's an abrupt jump
in ground elevation without any effort to connect the two levels -- but
they typically aren't severe, no more than a meter or so vertically, and
I don't see polygons up in the air.  And I don't see any problem with
the DC-3.  I want to say that this is something odd about your drivers,
but I'm too ignorant of this stuff to be sure.  Is it only ATI people
that see this stuff?  Do all ATI people see this stuff


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