James Turner wrote:
> On 21 Aug 2008, at 13:25, Erik Hofman wrote:
>> I'm working on proper Listener positioning for sound playback in
>> FlightGear and encountered a difference between the coordinate system
>> described in README.xmlsound (which describes a right handed system  
>> that
>> doesn't exists, it describes a left handed system instead) and the
>> actual coordinate system of OpenAL (which is directly used, without  
>> any
>> conversions, at the moment).
> Wow, great that you're working on this, it was something on my medium  
> term list of things to consider.
> While you're at it, can you make the sounds code be a proper  
> subsystem, and also remove the dependency on the viewer classes by  
> getting the listener information from the property tree? I.e migrate  
> the ugly code out of the main loop in main.cxx.

I knew it! :)
Ok, I' l take a look at that, good idea.


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