On 21 Aug 2008, at 15:31, Erik Hofman wrote:

> This is now committed for the SGSoundMgr code, it has been moved tot  

Just in case you care, my longer term plan for the sound code was to  
create an SGSoundSource (in the simgear code), which would basically  
be a wrapper around an OpenAL source. This could then be hung off an  
AIModel, and potentially, we could add a new kind of multiplayer  
message to trigger a sound remotely.

something like (incomplete!):

class SGSoundSource
        void setVelocity(SGVec3d)
        void setOrientation(SGQuatd)

        void setPosition(); // either cart or geod, whichever makes more sense

        void playOnce(... sound id ...., ampltidue  ....);
        void playLooped( .... same as above ...., loopCount or -1);

That's me guessing wildly, but feels about right - and very easy to  
hook into the AI / MP code. Probably want a Nasal interface for it as  

Quite far down my current ToDo list, though.


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