On Thu, 21 Aug 2008, James Turner wrote:

> I'm not familiar enough with how 'other' sounds are handled to be
> sure, but my issue is that currently all 'positioned' sounds originate
> from the aircraft - there needs to be some additional data/struct/
> class exposed at the C++ level to specify a bit more information about
> sources. Of course it can have a Nasal interface, but I have the
> impression you're talking about something a bit different.

My comment was on the talk about adding extra MP message types for sound.

I'm not familiar with the sound internals, but sounds created by a MP/AI 
model should of course be positioned relative to that model. So adding 
that possibility would be great.

> Changing MP to only send properties when the change is a separate, but
> worthwhile improvement, I guess, but I don't (again) know enough to
> comment for sure. And equally, there's plenty of scope to add new MP
> messages types, the same way chat is currently handled. For 'event'y
> thing like playing a one-off sounds, using property changes doesn't
> seem exactly elegant to me, though I know it's a common idiom.

Using properties would match nicely with the XML sound configs and be 
analogous to the way animation of MP/AI 3d models are handled.

Btw, if you mean the "in-program" chat I'm fairly sure it is done using a 
MP enable string property.


Anders Gidenstam
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