On 21 Aug 2008, at 17:02, Anders Gidenstam wrote:

> Why not trigger multiplayer sounds via property changes (in the same  
> way
> as most of the other sounds are handled)?
> Switching to only sending properties when they change would make it
> feasible to have a bunch of MP enabled properties for the sounds.

I'm not familiar enough with how 'other' sounds are handled to be  
sure, but my issue is that currently all 'positioned' sounds originate  
from the aircraft - there needs to be some additional data/struct/ 
class exposed at the C++ level to specify a bit more information about  
sources. Of course it can have a Nasal interface, but I have the  
impression you're talking about something a bit different.

Changing MP to only send properties when the change is a separate, but  
worthwhile improvement, I guess, but I don't (again) know enough to  
comment for sure. And equally, there's plenty of scope to add new MP  
messages types, the same way chat is currently handled. For 'event'y  
thing like playing a one-off sounds, using property changes doesn't  
seem exactly elegant to me, though I know it's a common idiom.


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