Maik Justus wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> Erik Hofman schrieb am 21.08.2008 14:25:
>> Hi,
>> ...
>> There are two options, modify the code to reflect what is described in 
>> README.xmlsound or modify the README file.
> I would prefer to modify the README file. I made some asymmetric sound 
> for helicopters (S58, bo105) and adjusted them, that the result give the 
> correct sound. But if there are other aircrafts with asymmetric sound 
> (e. g. multi engine aircrafts), which have "wrong" sound now... Does 
> anyone know of an aircraft, with "wrong" sound?

Okay you got a point here. The docs are updated now (README.xmlsound).
Also after checking the positioning and orientation code it all seemed 
to work properly already, the wrong documentation gave me the wrong 

This led to one good thing though; the move of the code from the main 
loop to the FGFX class makes it rather easy to add support for multiple 
sound sources, just create a new FGFX class for every aircraft (and 
update the  code to get the models position, which should be a one 
liner) and it should work properly.


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