On 30 Sep 2011, at 19:52, Michael Robson wrote:

> Essentially what I am looking to do is create some instruments of my own with 
> some detailed generation of graphical entities that are being continually 
> updated.  I am therefore assuming that a 'dynamic texture' is the way to go 
> with this.  If there is another way, perhaps better, then I am open to 
> suggestions!

Correct, basically.

Also note i just added a 'NavDisplay' instrument to Git, which is another kind 
of dynamic texture, along with ground-radar. It's new, untested code (that's 
part of my plan for this weekend), but is designed to show navigation type info 
(route, waypoints, traffic, airports, navaids) in a customisable way, and hence 
be used to simulate the navigation modes of various modern cockpits.

Depending on what you want to do, you might be able to use the code as is, or 
certainly use it as an example (along with the other render-to-texture 

But, be aware I'm still shaking the bugs out - and then I need to write some 
docs :)


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