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> [Recapitulation snipped]
>> So, this gradually turned into an awful mess. But Linus went back to square
>> one
> Not really, it was just a reimplementation of the same thing on cheap
> modern hardware.
>> But there is still the browser and Javascript. But Javascript isn't fast
>> enough to do the particle system.
> Javascript is plenty fast enough to run a simulated x86 booting Linux
> and running applications:
> http://bellard.org/jslinux/
> Granted, it shouldn't be necessary to go via Javascript.
>>  But Google Chrome is only 13% penetrated,
> ~40% these days. Things move fast.
> The degree to which the "mess" we're in is avoidable (or, I'd go
> further, even undesirable) is also exaggerated.

But this is not about penetration. It is about the wrong approach.
The first application which i saw, which can do 'virtual boxing'
is running multiple instances of MS DOS on 386-based machine,
called DESQview (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DESQview)
and i was quite amazed at that moment, that you can actually run two
different instances of operating system
(and of course arbitrary software on each of them), without even
realizing that they sharing single hardware box: CPU/Memory etc.

Now, it took 2011-1984  - 27 years! for industry to realize that
virtualization can be used for something else than boxing whole OS
to be able to run Linux on Windows or Windows on Linux...
What strikes me is that things like NaCl were doable from the very
beginning, back in 1995.
Instead, people invented javascript and invested a lot into it (and
keep investing) to make it faster, more secure , allow you to play
sounds /videos/3D graphics.
While desktop-based apps were able to do that from the beginning!

It is clear, as to me, that NaCl is the only way to make web better
living place.
You say Javascript is fast?
Now can you tell me, how i can run and manage multiple parallel threads in it?
Can you do it at all? And if not, lets wait for 10 more years till
people will implement it for us?

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