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> Now if you take things like tcp/ip. How much changes/extensions over
> the years since first deployment of it you seen?
> The only noticeable one i know of is introduction of ipv6.

Yes, but you can say the same of HTTP. You're comparing apples with orchards.

> Just wanted to indicate that if www would base on simpler design
> principles at the very beginning,
> we would not wait 27 years till javascript will be mature enough to
> simulate linux on it.

The reason HTTP/HTML won is precisely because they were extremely
simple to start with. The reason that Smalltalk, Hypercard et al.
didn't is because their inventors didn't take account of what actually
makes systems successful socially, rather than popular with

And I fail to see what bemoaning the current state of affairs (or even
the tendency of history to repeat itself) achieves. Noticing what goes
wrong and trying to fix it is a positive step.

The biggest challenge for FONC will not be to achieve good technical
results, as it is stuffed with people who have a history of doing
great work, and its results to date are already exciting, but to get
those results into widespread use; I've seen no evidence that the
principals have considered how and why they failed to do this in the
past, nor that they've any ideas on how to avoid it this time around.

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