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On 1 March 2012 15:02, Julian Leviston<jul...@leviston.net>  wrote:
Is this one of the aims?
It doesn't seem to be, which is sad, because however brilliant the
ideas you can't rely on other people to get them out for you.

this is part of why I am personally trying to work more to develop "products" than doing pure research, and focusing more on trying to "improve the situation" (by hopefully increasing the number of viable options) rather than "remake the world".

there is also, at this point, a reasonable lack of "industrial strength scripting languages". there are a few major "industrial strength" languages (C, C++, Java, C#, etc...), and a number of scripting languages (Python, Lua, JavaScript, ...), but not generally anything to "bridge the gap" (combining the relative dynamic aspects and easy of use of a scripting language, with the power to "get stuff done" as in a more traditional language).

a partial reason I suspect:
many script languages don't scale well (WRT either performance or usability); many script languages have jokingly bad FFI's, combined with a lack of good native libraries;

or such...

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