On 2 March 2012 00:43, Julian Leviston <jul...@leviston.net> wrote:
> What if the aim that superseded this was to make it available to the next
> set of people, who can do something about real fundamental change around
> this?

Then it will probably fail: why should anyone else take up an idea
that its inventors don't care to promote?

> Perhaps what is needed is to ACTUALLY clear out the cruft. Maybe it's not
> easy or possible through the "old" channels... too much work to convince too
> many people who have so much history of the merits of tearing down the
> existing systems.

The old channels are all you have until you create new ones, and
you're not going to get anywhere by attempting to tear down existing
systems; they will be organically overrun when alternatives become
more popular. But this says nothing about which alternatives become
more popular.

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