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> (as a guess I would say you haven't beed subscribed long enough :)


> There was a notice of this a number of months ago. Admittedly we have it
> the other way around. Maintenance releases are made from a branch. So the
> main branch is where the active development is happening.

Ok. Makes sense since the community has common views.

> So where are we:
> I am going to great lengths to describe how it all works so others will
> have the knowledge to help out.

I've seen it and it's very very well done.
My sincere compliments :-)

> Many others are helping with ideas and requirements.
> Not much code is getting done because people are busy and the issues are
> complex (many of the side issues are being dealt with)
> The maintenance branch is being updated for bugs etc.


> I am hoping people will get to a point where they feel ready to jump in.
> So what needs to be done:
> Finish the implementation of the line layout
> do the page layout
> then do all fo's
> handle other issues
> then hopefully we will be ready for a developers release (version number
> yet to be decided)

Ok, nice. This seems more like evolution than revolution, am I right?
Are there any projects underway to change the processing model?
How about the new property resolving proposal.

Sorry if I keep asking, but I got a bit confused reading some mails on the

Thank you :-)

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