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> You're 100% right - Apache XML is not just about Java. But programming
> language is not the reason xslfo-proc is not a sideproject to FOP. It is
> about community. If this codebase was side-by-side with FOP right now it
> would be a distraction at best. It would (possibly) divert resources from
> FOP rather than independently develop its own. That's not just my opinion;
> there have been discussions about alternate implementations before and I
> think there is a consensus that we don't diffuse the FOP effort at this
> time. But there is also no rule that any of us XSL enthusiasts cannot
> parallel experiments, and that is what xslfo-proc is for me.

I understand your point of view and I respect it.
Since I didn't follow the discussions you refer to, I remain with what you
refer that the FOP community has decided; it makes sense and it is based on
the good life of the community.

Now FOP AFAIK wants to be based on SAX, iText offered to collaborate
closely, and there are indipendedt efforts of defining a new FOP codebase.
Keiron is doing an *awesome* job in explaining what FOP is all about, and
many developers are willing to take part.
Everything is ready for a project boost ;-)

I think that the FOP community needs an explanation of my intrusion.
I am a committer on the POI, Cocoon and Forrest projects, and a happy user
of FOP for work.
I wrote an XML semantic WYSIWYG editor in java that uses Avalon and
specifies style with formatting objects, so I read the FO spec fully at
least 3 times ;-)
I've been following the FOP evolution with great interest, and now I would
like to actively partecipate to this new FOP redesign.

Expect a RT from me very soon on a the FOP-NG architecture based on Avalon I
have in mind :-)

Nicola Ken Barozzi                   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
            - verba volant, scripta manent -
   (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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