On 2002.03.15 08:27 Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> I think that the FOP community needs an explanation of my intrusion.
> I am a committer on the POI, Cocoon and Forrest projects, and a happy
> user
> of FOP for work.
> I wrote an XML semantic WYSIWYG editor in java that uses Avalon and
> specifies style with formatting objects, so I read the FO spec fully at
> least 3 times ;-)
> I've been following the FOP evolution with great interest, and now I
> would
> like to actively partecipate to this new FOP redesign.
> Expect a RT from me very soon on a the FOP-NG architecture based on
> Avalon I
> have in mind :-)

I welcome your help (and I am sure others do too).

The are certainly a number areas that need improvement such as the 

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