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Is there any way to control the document name when printing from the command line (fop-0.20.5, java 1.4.1_01-b01 running under Windows XP Pro). At present it displays "Java Printing". I'd like to *at least* have an option for appending a serial number printing (Java Printing_001, Java Printing_002, Java Printing_003...). Even better would be to take the INPUT file name and have it called "FOP <XML-FILE-NAME.XML>" or even "Java Printing <XML-FILE-NAME.XML>" or something.

Any ideas that don't involve getting Java all over my hands?

I'm afraid it would involve getting Java all over your hands. But only a small amount of Java. ;)

The name of a printer job can be set via the java.awt.print.PrinterJob.setJobName( String ) method. This would need to be done within whatever class creates the printer job and prints it. This might possibly be in AWTRenderer. (Sorry, I don't have the source handy on my machine.)

Hmmm, this is probably a really unhelpful response....

- Eric

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