Glen Mazza wrote:
Not at all-just updated maintenance and trunk to state
"FOP Document" instead of "Java Printing". Thanks for
the quick pointer on how to do so.

File names are not presently available within the
AWTPrintRenderer in order to display them--OTOH, I
don't think we want to get into more detail for a
printer queue such as precise file names--for security
and privacy reasons.


That's great! Thanks a bunch Glen! I love it when I get an idea that is simple to implement, and makes so much sense.

It would be great if there were a flag/arg that could be added to the COMMAND LINE to enable some type of identification to be appended (like the date/time stamp like '200310061500' might be good--or since it's a flag/arg, append the filename if the flag is present)

(BTW Eric, I didn't think it was unhelpful contraire, if I wanted to pay someone to 'fix' it, knowing where to tell them where to look would've saved time and made the explanation easier... Looking forward to e-seeing your helpful hints more on the list!)

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